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 For over 15 years, Caledonia Dance & Music Center has built a reputation for excellence in children's education.  From your child's first class to their graduation solo, Caledonia Dance & Music Center has a class for everyone.  We welcome beginners of all ages and offer training through advanced and pre-professional levels.  Our classes are taught by skilled teachers in a positive atmosphere.  We pride ourselves on age appropriate costuming, music, and choreography, but it's about More Than Just Great Dancing!  Our dancers go beyond proper technique and poise to develop important life skills, learning to be respectful, confident and conscientious young people who share their gifts and talents with the community and carry it all forward into life after their school years.  

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Trying to decide where to take dance classes?

Read the 5 Things you should know before choosing a dance studio.

Thousands of students have taken dance classes at the Caledonia Dance Center Since 1983.  We started small and have grown to become the largest dance studio in our area.

We know biggest does not always equate best – but we believe we are the best because of what our students and parents are saying .

We realize you have a choice in dance schools. We invite you to compare all the features and options to see why our studio has been chosen more than any other dance studio. View a comparison checklist.

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  • Did you know we offer Birthday Parties?! We provide the place and the party >
  • Story Time with a Twist is a weekly class totally FREE to the community for infants, toddlers, and young children and their caregiver: Every Tuesday 10:00am-10:25am. 
  • Your music is now available! To Practice your dance at home with your class music CLICK HERE.

Testimonial: See what our students are saying about us.

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